Truth Whispering

Connecting with Your Inner Truth and Wisdom.
A new course in finding your inner power and creating a relationship with your true authentic self.
Are you ready for your own inner journey?



Becoming a Truth Whisperer Course


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Have You Ever Wondered?
* Does it matter what You eat and drink?
* Who’s really in control of your mind?
* Can releasing trapped emotions help?
* Is there a serene place deep inside you?
* Can I bend reality to create my dreams?
Learn to Find Balance in These Areas of Your Life…
* Your physical health – Learn how to find the right water and foods for your body.
* Your mental health – Regain control of your mindset and begin being authentic.
* Your emotional health – Use energy medicine to clear your old emotional baggage.
* Your spiritual health – Connect deep within to your true authentic self to feel joy within.
* Your life health – Focused intention, living in the moment, you can manifest anything.

What is Truth Whispering?

The “Becoming a Truth Whisperer” course starts June 1st and is divided into Basic and Advanced programs over an 8 week period providing the information and tools you need to find balance in your health, mindset, energy and your spirit and in all areas of your life.

Everything from eating better food and drinking more pure water… to understanding how to focus your thoughts to improve your mind… to learning how to find and clear energy imbalances..  And having a daily spiritual practice can also bring more balance.

In addition, to help you find your balance, we also offer personal one-on-one consulting. Using energy medicine techniques, we can discover the blocks in your energy field that hold you back. Once the energy blockage is found, it can then be released and cleared away.

We created many of these imbalances with intense emotions and these private sessions can help release the underlaying causes of your energy blocks and the result is often a reduction in pain, clarity and a sense of feeling more authentic.

These Truth Whispering courses are helpful in Balancing your energy, and to focus on the energy healing and balancing part of the course, I have designed a custom healing course using a system called the Quantum Matrix Code which I designed and have been using effectively for the past few years.

This Facebook group can help you in  the progress and you can ask questions there and get answers. Having a basic experience of Muscle Testing or Using a Pendulum will be helpful here.

Why Would I Need Truth Whispering?

I have come to realize, I can live in a balanced world only if I can teach the world to become more balanced. So, my intention here is to offer people a way to find balance in 4 major parts of their lives, helping to understand both the way their energy flows and in their connection with their higher selves and the universe. My why is about sharing knowledge with the people around me to create the right energy in the world to makes the world into a wonderful place to live! So let’s embrace going to give as the best way to receive.

What is Your Best Learning Style?

People learn in different ways and at different speeds… and so we have several different approaches you can take.

Home Study Truth Whispering

Very soon the book will be published and you can use it as your guide for instructions, tools and tips on the basics of muscle testing & learning what Truth Whispering is all about.


Becoming a Truth Whisperer – The Book

 Study at Your Own Pace

One Monthly Group Video Chat

Receive Weekly Tips by Email

Learn About the Types of Energy

Understanding Energy & Ethics

Receive the Clearing Protocols

Basic Truth Whispering Course

Live Training Truth Whispering

Get instant access to the private weekly zoom meetings with all the lessons for connecting with your Higher Self using various tools in your health, mind, energy and spirituality.


8 Week Becoming a Truth Whisperer Course

Online Mentorship Program

Group Zoom Video Each Week

Learn to Clear Your Core Issues

Get Your Inner Work Done

Access an hour of 1 on 1 support

Study the Four Directions including:

Healthy, Mindful, Energy & Spiritual

Personal Energy Clearing

Book a 1-on-1 private Intuitive Healing session to identify any blocks to help you release past traumas and patterns, realign your health, mind, emotions and your spirituality.


Two Hour Energy Healing Session

Private Video Chat 1-on-1

Find Out Your Core Issues

Check for Energy Blocks & Clear Them

We Confirm It Has Completely Cleared

Upliftment Procedures / Energy Tune-Up

I’ll Balance Your Health and Mindfulness,

with Your Energy Healing and Spirituality

Easy As 1…2…3…

First, sign up for our FREE Basic Truth Whispering course, it’s a great place to begin. Learn about the theory and history of the scientific breakthroughs that led to Truth Whispering. Then learn various methods of muscle testing and get tips on how to use them.

Secondly, you can Sign up for Advanced Truth Whispering Course when you are ready to start the hard work of inner work. Here you can learn to clear the mental and energetic blocks as you begin to build healthy habits and choose a spiritual practice.

Thirdly, you can begin your serious Truth Whispering training and eventually master your inner voice. It can start by learning more about your drinking water, how it effects your body, how to test your local tap water and how you can improve it. Get access to the latest high tech purifying solutions. Learn what scientists are discovering about how energy can effect water crystals… our bodies are mostly water.  Hear about the 4th phase of water beyond liquid, solid or gas. Then learn about healthy eating habits and how to test your body for what foods it wants to eat. Only eat what your body says YES to!

When you are ready, we will cover Mindfulness and show you how to take back control of your mind, literally! Then I will give you a simple energy healing practice that can help release trapped past emotions. And lastly we will find the best daily Spiritual practice for you. Not from my suggestions, but instead, we can connect with your inner voice and ask you to tell us what foods, which mindfulness practice, which energy healing methods and what daily spiritual practice is best for you! You know you best!

The Four Directions of Advanced Truth Whispering

Healthy Whispering

Let’s focus on your foods and water intake, intending to bring your body back into balance. We will also learn how to find balance in our homes and our world using the right tools. We can offer filters for water and air that support us and protect us from any harmful toxins, air pollution and even harmful EMF waves.

Mindful Whispering

Our fears and self doubts are holding us back. To build a strong mindset, we can start by clearing our mental junk and bad thinking. We don’t even see how our self destructive ego mind effects us daily. Easily learn to master your Mindfulness and it can become your very best friend and inner guide!

Energy Whispering

Using energy medicine techniques, we can discover the blocks in our energy field that hold us back. We created them with intense emotions and as we learn to release them, we begin to feel more of our natural flow, regaining our internal strength and energy.

Some of the many spiritual practices we will present here are from the ancient Hindu and Buddhist scriptures from India and beyond, and some of the practices are from new age online courses as well. Together, we will naturally learn to open up to our inner higher selves, and to quiet our minds and bodies.

Within each of these four directions I will show you methods and techniques from a large number of teachers and teachings that will help you fine tune, and as confusing as that sounds, you’ll simply use your muscle testing to find the teachers and teachings that are best for you.

By asking your inner guide, you can automatically know which ones are a good fit for you. There are so many mindfulness and energy healing methods… it’s hard to decide! The same for what foods make your body happy, or ask what meditation is the most powerful for you at this time, there are so many. But instead of deciding with your mind, you’ll learn to use your intuition to ask your inner guide the truth about which option is best for you…

And just below, I also have a primary recommendation that you can study for each of the four directions, that I know will do the job in helping you master each of these directions and it will also help you build a stronger connection with your inner guide. That’s the real benefit of Truth Whispering after all…

Healthy Whispering

WFPB w/NO Salt, Oil, Sugar

A  Whole Food Plant Based (WFPB) diet can greatly reduce the chance of diabetes and heart disease. Next we study your water, and then your air and your home environment. We will teach you to use Muscle Testing (MT) to help you choose the correct food and water that your body needs. Simply by asking it! Check out

Mind Whispering

What’s the Bug Free Mind?

It’s a remarkable system to understand your mindset designed by Andy Shaw that can focus on learning to removing the bugs that are interfering with your mind and your connection with your inner authentic self. This helps you remove self doubts, fears & needless worrying. Check out the Bug Free Mind program.

Energy Whispering

Emotion Code/Body Code

Designed by a very talented chiropractor, Dr. Bradley Nelson teaches us how to remove our trapped emotions with the Emotion Code healing system. The Body Code is a much more advanced program that helps identify and clear many other types of energy issues that may even be absorbed from someone else’s issues.

Spiritual Whispering

What’s the Sadhana Code?

The fourth Truth Whispering course is all about your spirituality, where your life goal connects to your inner happiness. There are many meditation and awareness techniques we will discover. From these practices your intuition can help you choose the ones that will bring you the inner peace that you have been seeking.

What I am teaching and practicing is based on Energy medicine using muscle testing, a known medical kinesiology technique. In these sessions we can rebalance the energy around your health, mindset, relationships, abundance or spirituality.

Disclaimer: the information on this site is provided for educational use only. It is not provided in order to diagnose, prescribe, or treat any disease illness, or injured condition of the body. Consult your health care professional if necessary.